Making Montessori classroom materials (Insect and Clothing) 3-Part Cards

Over the last couple of days I have put together some Insect and Clothing 3-Part Cards for my children’s Montessori School, Children’s House. Helping to make classroom materials is one of the many ways a parent or caregiver can help out. I try to help whenever I can find the time. At the moment I am helping to make classroom materials at home, for both of my children’s classrooms and also aim to volunteer fortnightly to help the children in the classroom with Language work including reading.

Insects3partcardsI made two sets each of the Insect and clothing 3-Part cards. When making classroom materials like this, I am given everything I need to make them up.MontessoriInsect3partcards.jpgThese Insect 3-Part Cards include- bee, fly, cockroach, butterfly, damselfly, ladybug, walking stick, beetle, weevil, shield bug, grasshopper, aphids, mantid and earwig.

Clothing3partcards.jpgI used clothing cards with labels like these when my children were younger to attach to their clothing baskets in their wardrobe. Picture cards with labels are helpful for pre-readers and early-readers.

Montessoriclothing3partcards.jpgThese clothing labels include- winter hat, shorts, swim shorts, T-shirt, jeans, skirt, pajamas, underwear, raincoat, jacket, suit, dress, swim suit, mittens, vest, sweater, sweatshirt, snowsuit, sun hat, robe, scarf, boots, running shoes, socks, nightgown and slippers.

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  • Montessori Print Shop- Toddler Clothing Cards (small fee). These are the same ones that I made up for my children, which uses real imagesMaitri Learning also has clothing cards using real images but are not a free download.
  • Montessori Helper  have a free download for Insect cards.
  • 1+1+1=1  also has free Insect printable cards.


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