Artventure at home- online art lessons for children

My almost six year old has been enjoying working through some of the Artventure lessons at home. Artventure is online Art lessons taught by creator Kirsty, who is an Australian Artist and mother of two. These online lessons are aimed primarily at primary aged children but can really used by anyone, myself included. We initially started with the free trial after a friend of ours recommended it, but have now signed up for a few months. Artventure 1So far, my daughter has chosen to work through some of the simpler lessons (level 1) which focus on drawing and painting. One can filter the lessons according to difficulty (levels 1-5), through school-aged year levels or via subjects such as Health and Physical Education, Science, English, Art or Mathematics for example.

Artventure 2When you click on a lesson, the information on the screen lets you know the level of difficulty, the subject matter, materials needed and some learning notes and art work tips. So far, all we have needed material wise is a black tipped pen or crayon/pastel, some coloured watercolour palette paints, paintbrushes and A4 white paper.

Part of the independence working with online art lessons like this is learning to set up your art space, gather your art materials, work through the lesson/s and then pack up afterwards. We have our children’s art supplies within reach, so my daughter can easily gather what she needs.

I sat with my daughter the first couple of times she used Artventure to help where needed. The idea is to watch the video lesson all the way through first, then work through the lesson in stages, pausing as you go. The lessons on average are about 8-12 minutes long.

Some of my daughter’s work from yesterday.

We will continue to trial it over the next few months and see how we go. So far, so good though!



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