DIY flower petal bath bombs

Yesterday, on a lovely rainy afternoon we made some flower petal bath bombs. Maybe you have children like mine, who like to do almost everything together. These bath bombs are easy to make and a fun way for children to work together. Bath bomb DIY mixing in the ingredientsI had all the ingredients that we needed out (baking soda, cream of tar tar, Epsome salt, coconut oil, olive oil and dried flower petals) and used this recipe here. I did tweek the recipe though using half coconut oil and olive oil as I didn’t have enough coconut oil on hand. We didn’t use any essential oils as I found the rose petals and lavender had a strong enough smell. You can use citric acid instead of cream of tar tar if you have it on hand.

My children added all of the ingredients into a glass bowl and mixed it together. The mixture was then split into 4 bowls (2 bowls each) to add their chosen flower petal and herb combinations. DriedflowersI put out some dried Rose, Calendula and Lavender flowers and my children grabbed some Rosemary herb from the garden. Dried flowers have so many uses. We use them to make flower petal baths and for playdough sensory play as well, Lavender being the most popular in our home. DIY bath bombs choosing their own scentsDIY bath bombs placing the mix into some moldsCoconut oil or olive oil is then added to the dry mixture, mixed in with your hands and then packed into molds or some other container you have on hand. We used a few of these little stainless steel sauce bowls that we got from a friend last week who was looking to get rid of them. We also used our silicone baking mini muffin pan that I got from an op shop (second-hand thrift store). Using the silicone tray makes it so much easier to get the molds out.DIY bath bombsFlower petal bath bombsOnce completely dried we took them out of the molds and are storing these flower petal bath bombs in a large glass jar. Another reason why we wanted to try making these, as we plan on giving some of these away as part of a Birthday gift this week, presenting them in a glass jar with a pretty ribbon tied around the jar lid.

So, did they work? The ones that were put straight into the silicone mold stayed together really well. Some of the ones in the stainless steel molds didn’t stay together too well, but overall, when tested they did fizz up in the bath and smelt amazing!

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