Our DIY outdoor sensory play table

My Dad made a play table for my daughter about four years ago. Initially it was intended for a Montessori-inspired clothes washing station and then eventually a dish washing station. We used it this way for a while, but these days it’s more used for all kinds of sensory play. Sensory play table

So far this table has been used for;

  • Small clothes washing (toddler-sized facecloths, bibs, cleaning cloths etc)
  • Washing small toddler-sized dishes and cutlery after use
  • Dirt/mud play with sticks, leaves and other natural items
  • Regular sand and kinetic sand
  • Playdough or some other kind of home-made play mix
  • Gardening- transferring soil into pots or transferring plants from one pot to another.

I would have preferred metal bowls to the plastic ones, but these ones have still come in handy. This is the same plastic bowl that I used at my daughter’s Birthday party to hold our re-usable (dirty) plates for washing. It’s also great to take camping to wash dishes in.

sand play tableAt our last house my children had a wooden sand pit. For sensory play like sand, it is really great to be able to actually sit in the sand and play, but as we can’t put a sand pit in the place we currently live in, mostly due to the fact that our outdoor space can and has flooded during heavy storms.sand play

The table itself is made from wood-off cuts and is painted with outdoor paint. The little mesh basket is metal and all the little play items are made from wood or stainless steel, mostly gardening tools and some items from the kitchen like baking trays, spoons, cups, funnel, sifter etc.

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