Weekend Reading (Simple Living, Family Rhythms) and a sneak peak at next weeks posts

Hello, Yes I am still here! I had a little break from writing to focus my time on family and friends and also spend a bit of time doing one of my favourite things which is to simply read and cook (recipe develop).

Before I share some lovely reads, I will fill you in on some posts I will have up next week. Firstly, there will be another post on Montessori classroom material making as I am currently making up five lots of 3-Part Cards (flowers, tools, vegetables, musical instruments and the body). I will also have a post on my notes from a Montessori Cycle Two (6-9 years) classroom observation I did recently. My eldest will be due to start her transition towards the end of the first school term, next year. I will also have a post up on our recent attempt at second-hand Christmas presents for my children. I have been putting together their presents for the past 6 months, which is a combination of second-hand (thrifted) and DIY presents.

Here are some Blog posts I have really enjoyed reading and It took me a week to get through them all. Enjoy!

  1. 30 Days of Rythm by Lavender’s Blue Homeschool. This is more Waldorf than Montessori, but I have gained so much from going through each and every one of these links. Whether you are Homeschooling/Unschooling or your children attend school, there is something to gain from more rythm in the home.
  2. Whole Family Rythms Real Diverse Voices Interview Series. I have read and re-read each and every interview.
  3. If you follow my account on Instagram (sorry I don’t post too often)  I mentioned that I am reading a book called Minimalism for Families by Zoe Kim. She has a blog called The Minimalist Plate if you would like to take a look. I found Zoe’s blog not that long ago, but have been enjoying going through all her past posts.
  4. Maybe for a little bit of inspiration, I have been enjoying Nourising Minimalism’s Minimalist Home Tours posts.

YogaandMindfulnesswithchildren.jpgOn a side note, my eldest has started attending a Children’s yoga and Mindfulness class. She not only loves attending and seems to feel so at peace after, but has also clearly gained so much and she has only attended three classes so far. Yoga is something my daughter has been doing at home with me since she was 2.5 years old. It’s something that we both really love.

Have a lovely weekend!

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