Making Montessori classroom materials (Flowers, Hand Tools, Vegetables and Musical Instruments) 3-part Cards and Body Part cards

I spent part of yesterday afternoon finishing off some of these Montessori classroom materials. I have already made up quite a few 3-Part Card sets now, so have been able to find ways of getting them done a lot quicker as it’s definitely time consuming.

This lot, was already printed for me and all I needed to do was laminate them, cut them out, round off the edges (as they are sharp) and then sort them into their sets (two sets of each). I have found it is much easier to print, laminate and then cut rather than print, cut, laminate and then re-cut. Really, I just work with whatever work I am handed over to complete. Sometimes I do all the work from start to finish myself at home, other times I take over work that another parent has started or I will work together with another parent at school or at someone else’s house. Either way it’s nice to help out.

I made up several 3-Part Cards sets for my daughter when she was younger and I did laminate them, but given the choice to re-do it (for home use), I would rather paste the images and words onto thicker card than use plastic to laminate them, really to avoid the plastic wastage. These cards are for classroom use (for 3-6 year old’s), so the preference has been made to have them laminated. All of these printable sets have come from The Montessori Print Shop online.

Montessori Print shop Flowers 3-part cards
For example- These flower 3-Part Cards needed to be laminated, cut out and edges rounded.

Flower 3-part art cards

3-part flower cards
Here is an example of a Tulip Flower 3-Part Card from the Montessori Print Shop- Set 1 Flower 3-Part Cards that has been laminated, cut and edges rounded off. In each set there is a control card (picture with word), a picture card and then a word card.

Montessori Print Shop Hand Tools 3-part cards

Hand tools 3-part cards
This was interesting to look over as I had forgotten some of the names of these basic hand tools. This download is from The Montessori Print Shop- Hand tools -part cards.

3-part hand tools cards

Montessori Print Shop Body part cards
Body Part cards (not 3-Part Cards). There are two sets of each so you can match picture to picture or picture to word.

I will have a post up towards the end of the week with some Musical Instrument and Vegetable 3-Part Cards.

Edited Nov 18th 2017

Montessori Musical Instrument 3-Part CardsMusical Instrument 3-Part CardsMusical Instruments Set 1 included in Montessori Print Shop download; violin, cello, guitar, saxophone, french horn, tuba, harp, xylophone, glockenspiel, marimba, timpani, snare drum, bass, triangle, castanets, maracas, piano, clarinet, flute, bassoon, tambourine, trumpet, trombone, flute.

Montessori Vegetable 3-Part CardsThese Vegetable 3-Part cards included in the Montessori Print shop download include- asparagus, spinach, yellow pepper, green beans, chilli peppers, snow peas, peas, eggplant, ochra, radish, broccoli, green onions, artichoke, corn, broccoli, beet, rutabaga, squash, lettuce, cauliflower, celery, cabbage, mushroom, endive, brussel sprouts, carrot, potatoes.

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