Can one have a minimum waste Christmas with children?

This year we are exploring second-hand and DIY hand-made presents for Christmas in an attempt to minimise waste and focus more on time together with family. I am not all that comfortable talking about presents at Christmas time as of course there are far more important things, but I thought I would still share what we are doing for anyone interested.

For the most part the adults in our families (mine and my husband’s) don’t give presents to each other but we do buy for the children. Our Christmas catch up is usually a lunch, so we tend to all make up a plate of food for all to share instead of a gift. Not everyone loves the idea of no presents, and in that case, I tend to focus on something more practical such as some kind of home-made food item such as jam or something else hand-made that I know would be of use. Like I do each year, I will use glass jars or wrap Furoshiki style all the gifts we do give.

Secondhandtoysforchristmas.jpgHere is what we have for our children, mostly to share this year. The Who is it Game, Ukulele and Horse and Pony book was purchased at an OP shop (thrift store) The board game was AUD $2, the Ukulele was AUD $7 and the book was AUD $2. The reasons I purchased these items as my children have played the Who is it Game before and enjoyed it, my daughter has asked to learn to play the Ukulele and has shown and interest in Horses. These items I put aside over a 6-month period and I got them at two different OP shops. Lucky for us a friend is going to pass on a ‘Learn to Play the Ukulele Beginners book’ for us to use at home.

The Orchard Toys Tell the Time game was purchased on ebay for $8 and was a second-hand item. The wooden game of Quoits was given to my husband recently which was left-over from a work Christmas party from last year and was only used once, so looks brand-new. The only other item I am working on as a DIY Project is a  wooden Geo board, using a natural wood slab. At this point I am not sure if it will be given to my son for Christmas or his Birthday next year.

Last year my children received two presents each from us. Maybe as they get a little older we may focus more on one present each and an experience instead.

If you do the same or something similar with your children or know of any other useful links, please feel free to share.

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