Some plant-based and nut-free school lunch ideas (2)

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Here is another look at what was in my 5.5 year old’s lunchbox over the last week or so. Most of the time she picks and packs what goes into it from a selection of foods. Sometimes she may have left overs from the night before, but for the most part, we tend to just stick to basic raw vegetables, fruit, seeds (nut-free school policy), grains or legumes and beans. Sometimes, but not very often we may add home-made sushi or a home-made rice wrap or she will take a small flask with soup or coconut yoghurt in it. It’s definitely quicker to just pack items that need little, to no prep time. Also on occasion, we may add some other kind of home-made raw or baked item (muesli bar, slice or cake) etc, but not so often.

I find that considering the other children in my daughter’s class also pack lunches similar to this, my daughter will pay attention to what the other children are eating and may come home and ask if she can try something new. Just yesterday she asked if she could try olives as she saw one of the children eating black olives at lunch time. I only tend to eat cooked olives, but also not very often, so of course If I don’t eat them often, it’s not likely that my children will eat them. So I am conscious of trying new foods.

Lunchbox 4
Cherries, dried cranberries, dried banana and dried fava beans, cucumber, strawberries, some left over breakfast apple and oat crumble, hummus dip and cherry tomato, raw carrot, raw snow pea and raw bean.
Lunchbox 3
Roasted chickpeas, blueberries, strawberries, cherries, cherry tomatoes, raw carrots, raw snow pea, hummus dip, toasted turkish bread with olive oil and some home made dukkah seed and spice mix.
Lunch box 2
Cherry tomatoes, raw carrot and snow pea, strawberries and blueberries, roasted chickpeas and dried fava beans, a sourdough bread sandwich with (lettuce and avocado and alfalfa sprouts).
Lunch box 1
Pretzels, toasted pumpkin seeds, blueberries and strawberries, left over breakfast apple, oat and berry crumble and half a sandwich (grated carrot, lettuce and alfalfa).

If there is any food left over at the end of the day, it is often eaten for afternoon tea after school finishes usually (between 3-3.30pm).

This lunchbox is the Planet Box ‘Rover and was purchased through Biome.

You can read my previous post Some plant-based and nut-free school lunch ideas (1)

Edited May 3rd 2018- you can see more food pics on my new Plant Based with Kids Instagram account.

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