Volunteering in a Montessori Children’s House classroom (Reading and Language work)

Recently I started volunteering at my children’s school in one of the Children’s House classrooms. Just last week I spent part of the morning sitting with some of the children helping them mostly with reading but also some Language work. That particular day I volunteered I was only in the classroom for one hour and worked with about eight children.

Readers. Some of the children that wanted to read to me, read either Set One of Miss Rhonda’s Readers or Set Two. I have written about these Early Readers books in a blog post before as we have Set One at home. I purchased ours before my daughter started in Children’s House. At the time I knew they were considered Montessori style readers but didn’t know they were used in the classroom. If your children are using them in the classroom, there is no need to have them at home as well.

The last time I was in one of my children’s classrooms, I noticed they had another new set of readers (with real images) but I forgot to make note of what they were at the time. I will do so the next time I am in the classroom and add the link to this post.

Miss Rhondas Readers Set 1.jpg
Miss Rhonda’s Readers Set One. My youngest can read The Pink Pig and Dog Day.

Sound Games. Aside from listening to some of the children read, I also played a Montessori sound game ‘I Spy with my little eye‘ game with one child. How it works is, the child chooses six small objects from a basket and lays them out in a horizontal line. Before we start the game, we name each item to ensure they know the name of the objects first. After we do this, we then take turns saying ‘I spy with my little eye something beginning with P for example’. The child may say ‘P for Penguin’ pick up that object and then put it back into the basket. If they are not sure which object starts with P, then we will point to each individual object again and say the name of the object and often they then realise which object starts with that particular letter sound. This is a fun game and the children seem to really like it. This basket we worked with, had about 12 items in it to choose from. If you are wanting to do this game at home with a younger child, it’s best to start with approx 3 objects and then add more over time.

Pink and Blue Language Box Series. The other Language work I have done with some of the children so far is to work through some of the coloured Language boxes. The Pink Language boxes are the simplest and each box (there are six boxes in total to work through) contains approx six objects and the name of each object on an index card. Each object, is placed in a horizontal line (I have also seen these laid out vertically) from left to right and then the word cards are put into a pile. Looking at one word at a time, you match up the word to the object. An example of these 3-Letter phonetic words/objects may be (Mug, Cat, Pen, Peg, Top, Bag, Bed). Each word is made up of a Consonant, Vowel and another consonant (CVC word).

Here is an example I set up at home.

I don’t do any Language work like this at home anymore with either of my children as they enjoy doing it at school. I do get to work with my youngest in his classroom though, sometimes with Reading and Language work and he has just started on the Blue Language box series, is on Set One of Miss Rhonda’s Readers and has just started using the wooden Movable alphabet.

The Blue Language Box Series are made up of 4-Letter phonetic words such as truck, nest, clip and flag. Again, just like the Pink Language box series, an object (6 in total) is matched up to it’s corresponding word. I haven’t worked much with the Blue or Green language box series so far.

If I do continue on helping out in the classroom, I will write about any other materials we work with.

Edited: 9th February 2018. I recently found the name of the Readers in my son’s Montessori classroom (for 3-6 year olds) is called Sunshine Readers. I only saw Levels 1-4 but there may be more.

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