Children’s plant-based snack ideas

Today I am talking about plant-based snacks we like to have at home, in my children’s lunch boxes for school and when out and about. The photo below is a look at some of the different kinds of snacks we eat. I will admit, that my youngest at this point, doesn’t like all of these snacks (not a fan of chickpeas or raw carrot).

In their school lunch boxes.

My daughter has snack time and lunch time at school. For snack time, which is put into a re-usable snack/sandwich bag usually consists of fruit (apple or banana) or raw vegetables (usually carrot and celery). My son who attends the same school only stays for snack time and has (mostly fruit, usually a banana or apple). I mix it up on occasion with some kind of raw snack or healthy home-baked item.

Zero Waste snacks.jpg
Oven toasted pumpkin seeds, air popped popcorn, roasted chickpeas, home-made rosemary crackers, raw vegies (some with peanut butter) and apple with almond butter.

Snack time after school, on the weekends or when out and about;

The one thing I try to do is to always have our own snacks and water on us whenever we are away from home. If all four of us (my husband, myself and my children) are together, then I will make up two lunch boxes (Lunchbots Bento Box- Cinco), one for my children to share and one for my husband and I to share.

If we are not going home straight after school then I will have one lunchbox made up for my children and I to share.

If we are home around snack time after school then my children will just grab a snack from their kitchen space.


  • Raw vegetables, sometimes with home-made dip or nut butter
  • Fresh fruit, sometimes with nut butter
  • Nuts and seeds (raw or toasted) or a trail mix
  • Roasted chickpeas (with different flavour combinations)
  • Air popped popcorn
  • Home-made crackers. I usually make simple 3-ingredient crackers or use two recipes from The Oh She Glows Cookbook (Endurance crackers and Sun-dried tomato and garlic super seed crackers).  I also sometimes use a french bread loaf cut into thinnish circles, add olive oil and some herbs and bake in the oven to make simple crispy crackers.
  • Crispy kale chips. I like these, but not everyone is a fan.
  • Dried fruit such as sultanas, dates, cranberries but only in small amounts and on occassion.
  • Raw Bliss Ball (usually made up of blended dates, oats, chia, raw cacao, seeds and nuts and coconut). These are popular.
  • Oven toasted home-made tortilla chips with a home-made avocado dip
  • Coconut yoghurt with passionfruit and banana (my 5 year old loves this)
  • Home-made Frozen coconut yoghurt and fruit bark (yoghurt and mixed fruit spread onto a baking tray, put into freezer and when hard, then broken up into pieces)
  • Home-made coconut water and fruit ice-blocks

DIY Recipe Links

Edited May 3rd 2018- You can now see more food pics over on my new plant-based with kids Instagram account.

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