Some plant-based and nut-free school lunch ideas (3)

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There is only a few days left of school until the Christmas holidays which we are all really looking forward to. This will be the last plant-based lunch ideas post until school starts up again next year. I still have the habit of making up lunches like this on the weekends and in the school holidays to make things easier on myself. I just keep the lunch boxes in the fridge so my children can get them when they are hungry. As mentioned in previous posts, my children also have access to a small amount of healthy snacks (fruit, nuts and seeds etc) and their water drinking station anytime they like, so I will rarely hear ‘mum, I am hungry’ or mum I am thirsty’. This is something that works really well now that my children are almost four and almost six years of age.

School lunch box 1
Prunes, tomatoes, home-made pancake, papaya, mango and some left over fried rice made up with brown rice.
school lunch box 4
Pumpkin seeds, tomato, strawberries, prunes, a home-made (date, chia, oat and coconut ball), carrot, salad sandwich and small piece of a home-made banana muffin.
school lunch box 3
Oven roasted pumpkin seeds and chickpeas, carrot and celery, mango, cherry tomato, hummus dip and a salad sandwich.
scool lunch box 2
left over home-made potato gnocchi with a cauliflower sauce and a sprinkle of vegan cheese, left over breakfast (apple, pear, strawberry) oatmeal, raw vegetables, hummus dip and a sandwich on grain bread.

I make up a lunchbox like this for myself each day as well.  I find when I do this, I definitely eat better and it’s nice to take the guess work out of what to eat when I am feeling hungry. I also always have my water bottle with me.

This stainless steel Planet box ‘Rover’ lunch box was purchased through Biome.

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