Independence in the home- bathroom space

We have now been in this rental town house for almost one year and thought I would share our current bathroom set up for our children. This is the main bathroom that is also used for guests. We are not sure how much longer we will be living here for, possibly only another 6-12 months?

childrensbathroomspacesMy five-year old doesn’t need to use a step stool to reach the bathroom sink anymore, but my three-year old still does. The over the door, low hanging mirror has really come in handy and is used mostly for hair and teeth brushing. My children can easily use the step  stool and look into the mirror over the vanity to brush their teeth and hair, but they are both more comfortable using the mirror over the door which makes sense as they can get up closer to the mirror and their feet stay flat on the ground.

Have your heard of the potty squatty, we got one after I read some of Katy Bowman’s books on the importance of squatting. I managed to pick ours up in a store un-packaged, so avoided ordering online. Not sure if you can get one in wood instead of plastic? Maybe a good DIY project.

children's bathroom space.jpg
A simple bamboo plant and a gifted hand-made Banksia scent pod on the windowsill.

children's bathroom space- in cupboard.jpgWhat’s in the cupboard under the vanity? A rubbish bin (collects toilet rolls and paper wrapping), spare WGAC toilet paper (we are looking at installing a bidet system in the near future) and behind the bin is a ceramic soap dispenser which I put out when guests visit, which only really contains grated soap flakes and water. Not everyone is comfortable with washing their hands with bar soap, so that’s why I put this out. When my children were younger I would cut the rectangular bars of soap in half or use small rounded shaped soap to make it easier on smaller hands. I don’t do this anymore.

5yearoldsbathroomdrawforteethbrushingNot long ago, my children swapped to bamboo toothbrushes. They were both using Jack N Jill brand brushes, which are compostable and the same brand toothpaste, but the place we use to get them from stop selling this brand. My daughter loves the bamboo brush, whereas my three-year old is still attached to the Jack N Jill toothbrushes that have animal pictures on them…his favourite is the one with the dinosaur. The toothpaste in the glass preserving jar is my handmade toothpaste that my daughter wanted to try. She loves it but my youngest doesn’t. The other glass jar in this drawer is for air-drying the bamboo toothbrush after use on the vanity. When not in use and dry, it goes back into the drawer. 3 year olds bathroom drawer for teeth brushingWe are using up the last of the Snappy Jaws brand toothpaste and swapping to something else for my youngest. He doesn’t like this toothpaste either. He loved the Jack N Jill flavours, but I thought we might try the Riddells Creek one which is organic. Aside from making your own, it’s hard to get plastic free toothpaste that children will like. Hair brushes are kept in my children’s shared bedroom space.

facecloths in bathroom drawer
The bottom drawer contains face cloths.

kidbathroomspaceYes, there is lots of white in this bathroom! I am not against colour at all. We were given two full sets of white towels, hand towels and face towels and I think it makes this bathroom very ‘underwhelming’ which I actually like.

Bath toys: Sometimes my children will bring in bath toys to use in the bath such as Duplo. I will store the toys in a mesh bag after use at night and then put them out in the sun to dry out the next day.

Minimum waste swap ideas;

  • swap plastic bottled shampoo, body wash and hand pump soap for un-packaged bar soap. I am really keen to learn to make my own soap, but for now I buy a hand-made shampoo bar which can be used for hair and body.
  • Swap plastic toothbrush for bamboo toothbrushes
  • DIY toothpaste. I make my own, but my husband and son doesn’t like it at this point.
  • Swap paper tissues for re-usable handkerchiefs. Again, I love this idea, but not everyone else does and that’s fine.
  • Swap plastic wrapped toilet paper for individually wrapped paper ones. We buy bulk toilet paper from WGAC. I have also seen individually wrapped paper rolls in supermarkets. Maybe you don’t use toilet paper and you have a bidet system in place instead?

If you have any other ideas, I would love to hear them.


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