DIY Gift Project- hair styling doll

Today I am sharing possibly an odd choice for a DIY project that I worked on with my dad over the last few weeks as a gift for my daughter for her Birthday. I gathered most of the bits and pieces and we worked on the design together. I am not so good at the woodworking part, so it was good to have some help in that area. This was really just a bit of a fun, creative project.

The idea came to me when I spotted this hair-styling dolls head at an op shop, initially thinking it was a bit weird, but then thought it would be a great hair-styling doll for at home for my daughter. My daughter is always trying to style my hair and asking me to show her how to do different hair styles. This way she can practice any time she likes and I can then more easily, show her how to style such as plaiting and braiding. She specifically has wanted to practice using hair ties to tie up hair in a ponytail and a bun as well.

hair dressing doll brownish red wig with bob haircut
My dad added these wooden birds to the frame as he knows how much my daughter loves birds. I am sure this is one of the weirdest DIY projects my poor dad has had to work on with me.
hair dressing doll bob haircut
I am still working on the haircut on both of these wigs as they are still a little messy. I love this browny-red coloured wig though, such a nice colour.
hair dressing doll brown wig
I managed to get both costume wigs un-used and for free from a friend.

hair dressing doll stationThis frame also has a few uses; to add weight and height and to store hair-styling bits n pieces such as hair bands and pins. Now I just need to source these items preferably without buying anything new. I have some things myself that I will add.

I have a funny feeling that my youngest is going to think this is pretty cool and will want to use it as well.



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