Weekend Reading (Montessori and Simple Living) and a sneak peak at next weeks posts

Do you remember I mentioned last week that I was going into my son’s Montessori classroom to do some baking with the children? Well, it went really well. It took me a couple of trials but I managed to come up with two cookie recipes that were (gluten, nut, and dairy free and low sugar). We also made some bliss balls which contained blended up dates, apricots, cranberries, Chia seeds, a little bit of raw cacao and grated coconut. I would have added gluten free oats but I wasn’t able to find any at the the time. I just used what ingredients I had on hand.

In the classroom, I set up a table to work with three children at a time. The table was set up with four Christmas looking wooden cork placemats (one for me to demonstrate what to do) which I brought from home and placed a rolling pin and a cookie cutter on top for each child to use. I pre-made the dough the day before and rolled them into balls, so each child had one ball of dough to work with which made up two cookies. There was two types of cookie dough to work with. The other dough was more sticky, so the children scooped out the dough with one spoon and used another spoon to remove the dough and put it onto a baking tray. Afterwards there was a large bowl with the bliss ball mix for the children to use their hands, scoop up about a table spoons worth of mix and then use their hands to roll into a ball. I worked with about sixteen children in total. Such fun baking with children!

Next week, I will aim to write a post on our Poetry Tea Time my children and I have together and then a bit of a review on the book ‘Barefoot and Balanced by Angela J Hanscom that I finished reading a little while ago.

Here are some interesting reads I have enjoyed more recently;

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Teachers christmas gifts.jpg
My son and I made up these succulents in little terracotta pots for my his Montessori Directors for Christmas!

I hope you all have a lovely weekend!

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