Family Rhythm- Poetry Tea Time

We have been enjoying our own version of ‘Poetry Tea Time’ for quite a while now. It’s such a lovely way to spend time together as a family. We don’t follow any rules and keep it fun. Poetry Tea Time seems to be popular in the Homeschooling circuit, and from what I have gathered is often done weekly or once a month.

poetry tea time 2
Poetry Tea Time set up at home. We add floor cushions for comfort.

When we do Poetry Tea Time, we will either have it outdoors or indoors. When outdoors (either at home or at the park) we will often set up a picnic rug, floor cushions (if at home) a picnic basket of some kind of snacks (usually fruit) and some kind of hot or cold drink in a flask (hot tea or iced tea, hot chocolate) for example. If we have it inside we will often set up a space on one of the smaller (more child-sized) tables, with a table-cloth, floor cushions, snacks such as sandwiches or scones and the tea set I was gifted some time ago. On occasion I may add seasonal flowers or a candle on the table.

poetry tea time 4
Simple food- fruit and a flask of tea.

In addition to using children’s poetry books, rhyming books and some poetry I downloaded off the Internet, we may also sing songs. We have two children’s poetry books; Poems for the Very Young by Michael Rosen (second-hand store find) and The Usborne Book of Poetry for Children collected by Sam Taplin. I believe there are several Usborne poetry books for children. I would have liked the book in this series for younger children, especially for my almost four year old as some of the poems in this book we own seems more suited to older kids. The illustrations are beautiful though!

I have also seen a poetry book recommended by Sara from the Happiness is Here Blog ‘A Poem for Every Night of the Year edited by Allie Esiri which looks really interesting which I am keen to look more into.

poetry tea time 1
View from our Town House veranda. This spot is shaded by a little tree. 


Poetry Tea Time Ideas

  • Drinks– Not everyone likes tea so you could always substitute for any other drink hot or cold such as hot chocolate or home-made lemonade, smoothies or fresh juice.
  • Food– sandwiches, raw vegetables, fruit or baked items such as scones, muffins or cake. You could even set it up a little bit like a mini High-tea and use a tiered plate for displaying food and use delicate tea cups and saucers.
  • Books– you don’t have to use poetry books even though it’s know as Poetry Tea Time, you can really read any books you like. Rhyming books are great!
  • The set up– the options are endless. You can really make this time as simple or as creative as you like. You can use flowers or candles for display, you could use a lovely vintage table cloth with cloth napkins (serviettes). You could colour theme it or have everything miss-match. You could also decorate/celebrate according to the season using items found in nature.


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