Weekend Reading (Zero Waste and Simple Living) plus a sneak peak at next weeks posts

Sorry to post three posts, two days in a row! I had already written most of them but just hadn’t gotten around to publishing them. My main focus is on time with family, so I will only write/post when that doesn’t interfere with being truly present. As you know, we are on school holidays now and I want to cherish all this time together. We are also spending lots of time with family and friends which is so nice! We are so lucky to have so many wonderful, supportive, like-minded people around us.

So, on another note, this past week my eldest (almost 6 years of age) asked if she could have her own room. I was surprised that she asked considering she has always loved sharing a room with her brother, but I was wondering if she wanted to try this because most of her friends have their own rooms.

So, in order to give her her own room, it meant removing everything from the spare room ‘shared study space’ which had all our spare office stuff and children’s work materials in it and finding a way to fit everything into the two spaces to make my children’s rooms their own. It took me most of one day to clean and clear out the two rooms. I thought I may as well do a proper Spring clean whilst I was at it. Finally it was done and both of my children’s rooms were clean, orderly and fairly minimal. My daughter was so excited to have this space all to her own….. but that excitement only lasted for about a day. After the second day she started saying that she missed her brother and missed how her room use to look. Four days later she asked me to please move everything back the way it was and I now have two very happy children! I am actually relieved that they have gone back to sharing a bedroom. It’s so nice that they love spending so much time together.

On to next weeks posts. We have a Birthday in the family, so I will share some of our Minimum waste efforts and with luck if I am organized enough I will be able share some of our DIY Christmas presents also minimum waste style.

Here are some posts I have enjoyed reading;

Gluten free cookies
My children and I did some baking today (gluten-free cookies) to take to a family gathering. 

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