Simplified Birthday

My husband had his Birthday recently and we celebrated it in a simple way. The focus was simply on being together. It was not about the presents, the food or the decorations. This will be our focus for Christmas this year as well- ‘togetherness’.

Birthday Breakfast- minimim waste
Breakfast- fruit and bakery croissants.

My children and I baked a cake from scratch, decorated the table with some little white flowers and used coloured scarves to wrap around the chair my husband sat on (something we do for each Birthday). We had a little breakfast together in the morning and as my husband had to go off to work early, we made sure to have another sit down meal (meal of his choice) for dinner, where we did not have to rush. We also had another family member over for dinner to celebrate with us.

Simple Birthday table flowers

Birthday dinner table setting
My children set the table for dinner. We had Thai style food for dinner, with apple pie and fruit salad, plus Birthday cake for dessert.


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