Weekend Reading- (Montessori) and Happy Holidays!

This has been a lovely week for us leading up to Christmas. Yesterday my children and I finished up all the DIY presents and either wrapped or put some of those items such as the bliss balls we made into glass jars. A couple of the items, such as the Laundry powder I labelled for safety.  Today I will do a bit of a tidy up around the house and some food prep so there is no last-minute rush and we can just enjoy our time together with family. Christmas Eve we are catching up with my side of the family. Christmas day, for the first time it will just be us four at home, which I am really looking forward to and on Boxing Day we are having my husband’s family over for lunch.

MY 5 year old painting peg dolls
Yesterday my 5-year-old painted some peg dolls for the doll house.

DIY peg dolls

Here are some posts I have enjoyed reading;

On another note, I have updated the Little Outdoor Play Space post with an image of how this space has evolved over time.

Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, we wish you peace, light and love over the holiday period from our family to yours.



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