Following an interest- learning to play a musical instrument at 5.5 years

There is two instruments my eldest, who is 5.5 years of age has wanted to learn to play; the keyboard and the Ukulele. So, for Christmas she received a second-hand Ukulele and beginners lesson book. We are currently keeping her Ukulele, pick (in a small fabric bag) and book in a basket in our study space that my children share so she can play whenever she likes.

Learning to play the Ukulele at 5.5 yearsWe have also set up a space for keyboard practice on a built-in table upstairs. This is an electronic keyboard that can be plugged in or can be used with batteries. It inexpensive, so not of high quality. practising the keyborad at 5.5 yearsLearning to play the keyboard at 5.5 years

Keyboard and Ukulele Beginners Lesson book.jpgThe books we have just started to use at home are the Progressive Ukulele Book 1 by Peter Gelling and Progressive Electronic Keyboard Book 1 by Andrew Scott and Gary Turner. Both books contain a CD and DVD (demonstrations). We haven’t used the CD or DVD yet and have just been going through the book. Both books also come with free Audio and Video access online via the books website by a signup with the code given in each book.

The Ukulele book contains 11 Lessons which includes a beginner lesson on how to hold the ukulele and hand placement. Introduces five notes and three chord shapes.

When a family member came over for Christmas, she used a Ukulele mobile tuning app to tune it for us. She plays both the keyboard and Ukulele, so spent a little bit of time working with my daughter on both the keyboard and the Ukulele, which was lovely of her.

Lesson Examples;

  • Lesson 1- How to hold the Ukulele, parts of the Ukulele, using a pick, left hand placement.
  • Lesson 2- How to read music, the Quarter note, the Note Middle C, a song to play
  • Lesson 3- The Note D, two songs to play
  • Lesson 4- The Half Note, Half Time, The Half Rest, Halves and Quarters.

The Electronic Keyboard Book also has 11 lessons and came with stickers to label the keyboard keys and a keyboard chart. This book introduces five notes with the right hand and three one finger chords with the left-hand. Both the Ukulele and Keyboard book contains lots of songs to learn to play.

Lesson Examples;

  • Lesson 1- Music notes, how to find Middle C, how to read music, The Quarter Note, The Note Middle C, some songs to play.
  • Lesson 2- The Note D, The Half Note, Half Time, songs to play
  • Lesson 3- The Note E, The Whole Note, songs to play
  • Lesson 4- The Note F, The Note G, songs to play

Overall my daughter finds the keyboard easier, but is still  keen to play both. My husband, as well as both Grandmas in our family learnt to play the piano, so we have a little help if needs be. I learnt the Cello and own a guitar but haven’t played in a long time, but am more familiar with the String Instrument family. We are not taking up any separate formal lessons at this point, so will just watch and see where this interest takes her.



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