Montessori Blog list for 2017

There is now so many wonderful Montessori blogs, so this is in no ways a list of ALL Montessori Blogs, but just some of the ones that I am aware of and are currently active. Many of these Blogs write about Montessori in the preschool years (0-6 years).

Here’s my list, in no particular order for 2017;

  • Follow that Child– Montessori Educator and parent. Lucy works in a Montessori kindergarten and blogs about creating new classroom activities.
  • Mothers Abroad– Cristina blogs about her family life abroad and their natural parenting journey.
  • Living with my Little Love– Natalie writes about family life at home with her toddler. Here is my Interview with Natalie.
  • Real Life Montessori Montessori Educator and parent. Here is my Interview with Kathleen.
  • This Toddler Life Holly writes about Montessori at home as well as Minimalism/Simple Family Living.
  • The Montessori Notebook Montessori Educator and parent. Simone shares lots of practical tips on how to implement Montessori in the home.
  • Our Montessori Life Montessori Educator and Parent. Montessori in the home.
  • How We Montessori I have been reading Kylie’s Blog for years! It was the first Montessori at home blog I came across. Kylie writes about all things Montessori with her three boys. Kylie has a child in the Montessori First and Second Plane of Development.
  • Living Montessori Now Montessori Educator and parent. Deb’s blog is a great resource and activity space. She also writes about Homeschooling.
  • Nduoma– Montessori Educator and parent. Junnifa writes about Montessori at home and Positive parenting.
  • Every Star is Different– Homeschooling Montessori family.
  • The Kavanaugh Report Nicole writes about Montessori in the home. So many wonderful ideas and information on this blog! Nicole has a child in the Montessori First and Second Plane of Development.
  • Three Minute Montessori Montessori-inspired activities in the home that are simple to set up.
  • Mama’s Happy Hive Homeschooling family. Montessori resources and activities.
  • Montessori In Nature Montessori Educator and parent. Montessori and Nature exploration. Creates Montessori printables.
  • Momtessori Life– Montessori Educator and parent. Angela writes about her Montessori journey at home with her two daughters. Lots of activity ideas on this blog.
  • Frida Be Mighty– Montessori in the home and Gentle Parenting. Inspired by Montessori and Waldorf.
  • Milkweed Montessori Writer and Storyteller. Inspired by Montessori, nature and the Seasons.
  • The Montessori Way Inspired by Montessori, Reggio, RIE and Gentle Parenting. Toni also writes about striving for a more simple and sustainable life.
  • Planting Peas– Elaine a mother of two,  journals about her children’s Montessori learning and parenting moments at home.
  • Montessori From the Heart– Montessori Homechooling. Lots of activity/work ideas on this Blog. Anya has an 8 year old and a 4 year old. Anya has a child in the Montessori First and Second Plane of Development.
  • Midwest Montessori– Amy is a mother of two and soon to be be Montessori Educator (currently studying). Amy writes about all things Montessori in the home  as well as gentle and respectful parenting.
  • Eltern Vom Mars– Montessori Educator and mother of two. Anna has a lovely blog and writes about Montessori at home. Lots of Montessori inspiration on this blog.
  • Mindfulssori– Montessori. Vegan. Slow and Intentional Living.
  • Fishies in a Row– Olivia is a mother of three and writes about Montessori, her Catholic Faith and being Thrifty. Olivia’s Montessori Family Interview.
  • Montessori on Mars– Montessori Educator and mother of two. Montessori in the home.
  • This Merry Montessori– Montessori in the home. Respectful Parenting.
  • Montessori in Motion– Lots of Montessori in the home inspiration on this blog.
  • Emil und Mathilda– Montessori Educator and mother of two. Writes about Montessori in the home.
  • Making Montessori Ours– Montessori Homeschooling/Unschooling.
  • The Pinay Homeschooler– Montessori Homeschooling.
  • Living For Our Purpose– Homeschooling. Plant-based. Minimalist.
  • Montessori and Me– Montessori Educator, mother and Montessori in the home.
  • Moje Montessori– Miriam writes about her passion for Montessori in the home. Also another lovely resource blog.
  • Diamond Montessori– Montessori Educator and Mother. Montessori in the home.
  • The Minimalist Montessorian Montessori and Minimalism Family Blog.
  • Montessori Scribbles– Montessori in the home and Simple Living.
  • Every Day Begins New– Montessori in the home and Simple Family Living (with a 3 year old and a 5 year old). Soon to have a child in the Montessori Second Plane of Development.
  • Montessori in Real Life– Montessori at home with a toddler.

Montessori accounts on Instagram that I wanted to mention;

Other great Montessori Blog/Resource Sites;

Have I missed any Montessori blogs? If so, please let me know in the comments section if you write a Montessori Blog or if you can recommend any to add to this list.

Edited 4th January 2018. I was notified via email recently that Every Day Begins New has made it in to the Top 100 Montessori Blogs and websites for Montessori Educators.

Montessori Blog top 100 badge

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