Some Intentions for 2018 and some ways to simplify at home with children

I just came across a post I wrote around this time last year of my Intentions for 2017 which were to simplify, slow down, move more (sit less), clean eating, waste less and focus on self-care. I feel that last year I was able to focus on each and every one of those Intentions in one way or another.

This year I want to focus not only on those Intentions again for this year but also to re-evaluate our time and commitments to find more ways to slow down and simply even more. I will share more about that journey as the year goes on. We also made so many changes to reduce our overall household waste including food wastage and packaging.

Intentions for 2018

Some (personal) Intentions;

  • Learn a new language– I started learning French recently. My 5.5 year old has also been learning some French with me.
  • Improve my sewing skills– My sewing skills are minimal, so I would like to work on that this year. Both of my children want to learn to sew as well, so this is a great motivator for me.
  • Learn to make soap– I have been thinking of and talking about soap making for a year now, so I think I will need to finally get around to doing this.
  • Cook more from scratch– There was a lot of changes I managed to do last year in terms of swapping out once bought items to the DIY version, by there is still quite a few things I would like to try this year. I have made a list of what is still bought from the shops and have been accumulating recipes to aim to replace these items with a home-made version, which will therefore reduce overall packaging we have in the home…hopefully!

Simplify at home

Here is Five ways to Simplify at home with children;

  1. More doing and less spending. There is so many fun and free things we can do together that doesn’t cost anything. What’s more important than doing things that cost money, is time together.
  2. Minimise screens and schedules giving us all more time and freedom.
  3. Keeps toys that are out to a minimum and rotate the rest. This makes tidying up so much easier and avoids causing overwhelm.
  4. Time and space. Making downtime a priority.
  5. Create more rhythm in the home. Helps make for a more peaceful home.

Here is a list of ten ‘free’ things you can do at home together;

  1. Play board games/card games/charades together. This is something we do often.
  2. Puzzles. We all love puzzles. We either work on puzzles together or side-by-side.
  3. Picnic or tea party inside or in the backyard. An alternative to a picnic can be backyard camping.
  4. Cook, bake, draw, sew together..the list is endless.
  5. Read books. Reading together, is one of our favourite things to do and it doesn’t have to be reserved for before bedtime. It can be done any time of the day. We do ‘Poetry Tea Time‘ sometimes.
  6. Gardening. Plant something new or tend to an already established garden.
  7. Build an indoor tent, fort, castle, cubby etc with pillows, blankets and items found around he house. An alternative is a cardboard box fort.
  8. Draw or paint or use playdough or clay together to create. Art is so therapeutic!
  9. Star gazing at night.
  10. Dance to music, sing and play instruments together or put on an a concert or puppet show.

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