Collaborative art work- painting on canvas

You may remember a previous post I wrote in 2016 of my two children doing some outdoor canvas art. A couple of days ago, they asked If I could use white paint to paint over that art work so they could create some new art together. I managed to do two coats of white paint, but you can still vaguely see the previous picture, it probably needed another coat of paint to completely cover it over. My children were just to excited to wait any longer and were so keen to paint this afternoon.

childrens collaborative art project- canvas paintingRealising very quickly that we really should have set this up outside or at least put down more newspaper, due to the liquid watercolours splashing everywhere, however staying inside kept us out of the heat. It was a particularly hot day today.

canvas art at 3 years of age
Interestingly, in this picture, my daughter has taken a break from painting and her brother has taken over. At times they worked side-by-side, or just one at a time. I didn’t need to be involved at all..they worked it all out themselves.

water colour children's canvas artThis is their work so far. My children have said that they would like to work on it over a couple of days. I had actually thought I would possibly see my children work on half of the canvas each, but they didn’t do this, they worked together over the whole canvas.

Link to my previous Art posts;

Edited 26th January 2018

Collaborative children's canvas liquid watercolour art.jpg
My children’s finished art work that they worked on together over three days.  

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