My Home Management Journal

Not long ago, I started a Home Management Journal/folder inspired by Rhonda Hetzel who writes a Simple Living blog called Down to Earth to help me stay a little bit more organized as well as storing all our household management information in the one place. If you don’t like the idea of creating a paper-based folder, you can always create a digital household management folder. I chose this system hoping that it would be easier for my husband as well as possibly anyone such as family or friends that may need access to this information for whatever reason down the track.

Simple Living- Home Management Folder.jpg
The folder I am using is nothing special- just a folder I already had. So far, everything has been hand written.

What is in my journal so far;

  • Contacts– A list of names, numbers and Birthdays. Includes Emergency numbers.
  • Food– Shopping list- freezer, fridge and pantry primer/stockpiling list, menu plans and ideas and family favourites as well as food storage tips.
  • Cleaning routines- and DIY Zero Waste recipes
  • Health– Natural Medicine’ what we keep/store in our cupboard.
  • Family rhythm (day and night) and family celebrations
  • My 2018 ‘Life plan and Action plan notes’- what I want to work on such as ‘soap making’ this year.

You can put absolutely anything you like in your folder, It’s up to you. At this point I am keeping it pretty simple, but I am sure it will change over time.

Other ideas of what to put in a Home Management Journal;

  • Finances- Household budget/bills etc
  • Menu plans and recipes
  • Calendar- schedules- rhythm
  • Health and Fitness
  • School or home-schooling notes and ideas
  • Travel and activities
  • To Do lists

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