Weekend Reading- (Montessori) and a look at next weeks posts

It was back to school week, and we all settled back into a new rhythm fairly well. It was nice to see so many familiar faces again. In recent news, my daughter lost her fifth tooth and another one is now loose, which is very exciting for this 5 year old!

Daily rhythm- school days getting ready guide
On our fridge- on the left is some magnetic days of the week. This set also came with a bunch of other little ‘event’ tabs such Birthdays, sports, dance, visit Grandparents etc. At the moment we have nothing scheduled before or after school, so we are just using the magnetic tags for ‘school days’. On the right, is just a basic ‘getting ready in the morning guide’.

A Poem my 5 year old wrote out yesterday- she loves poetry!

Poetry- Coral Sea Dreaming.jpg
My 5 year old’s writing

From the Coral Sea Dreaming book 

“As I lay my head to sleep,
The colour blue began to seep,
Inside my mind, inside my soul,
Feeling weightless, lost control.”

The sun slowly rises and so must I
My coral sea dream all gone with a sigh
A world so ancient, a world so rare
Its future so fragile without love and care.”

Weekend Reading Links;

Next weeks posts;

  • Some plant-based school ‘snack‘ ideas. I will take some photos of what my youngest has for his snack at school next week. He only stays for a few mornings each week and is at home for lunch and the rest of the afternoon.
  • Book discussion/review of Simplicity Parenting by Kim John Payne. I have mentioned this book a few times in previous posts.

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