Weekend Reading- (Montessori and Simple Living)

Hi there,

During the week my daughter lost her 6th tooth! They are falling out one after the other (she is missing many of her top teeth), but at least her new teeth are growing pretty quickly. Aside from that my daughter found out which classroom/Director she will have next term when she transitions at her Montessori school into Cycle 2 (for 6-9 year olds).

We all took a day off during the week as a a bit of a rest day. We are house sitting at the moment, so we went and watered the plants and then walked to a nearby park with our tennis rackets for a bit of a play. I also spent some time this week in my son’s Montessori classroom for reading support which I loved. It’s great to be able to have the time to help out.

Plant for a Montessori classroom.jpg
A present for my son’s Montessori classroom. A great way to observe a root system. I think this plant may be a Golden Pothos? I received a cutting and have now been able to also pass on one as well.  

Today, my daughter has asked again if she can trial having her own room. Last time (not that long ago) It didn’t quite work out. She has asked this time, if she can have her own room, but to still have the option to share a room at night-time with her brother for sleep. I guess it’s a security thing. Luckily we have a spare mattress, so I think we can find a way to accommodate this. So, this weekend, I will be working on setting up their own rooms.

Weekend Reading-

Next Weeks Posts:

  1. Movement- my thoughts on how we as a family are trying to get more movement into our days, especially during the school/work week.
  2. Interview Series– An Interview with Holly from This Toddler Life

I hope you all have a lovely weekend


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