Over the weekend- links and things

I mentioned last weekend that my daughter wanted to again trial having her own room for the whole of last week. Well, today, my children went back to sharing a room as it just didn’t work out and I think it just wasn’t the right time. Really, there is no rush. I think both of my children will go back to sleeping better at night, now that things have gone back to the way they were.

Over the weekend we cleaned out the car (washed and vacuumed), I re-organized our pantry space and cleaned out the fridge and freezer and of course spent some time today putting my children’s bedroom back the way it was. We went for an early morning swim this morning and had a visit from family. I also made up some DIY deodorant, tooth-powder and Laundry powder.

Zero Waste Laundry Powder.jpg
DIY Laundry Powder- 1 cup washing soda, 1 cup baking soda, 1 bar of finely grated natural soap, a few drops of Eucalyptus essential oil.
Plant-based minimum waste pantry
This is our main pantry- the part I worked on this weekend. Not shown in the photo is the top shelf which has a glass jar with oats and granola in it and on the bottom shelf- some spices, oils and condiments/sauces. Most of these glass jars are second-hand. I do have a small amount of bulk items on another shelf (my attempt at a stockpiling).



Do you love doing puzzles? This is a 500 piece puzzle that I put out that my husband and I have worked on in our spare time. He has spent more time on it than me.

Getting organized- a space for keys and coins.jpg
A place for everything and everything in it’s place- a space for keys and coins. If I didn’t do this I would likely loose my keys.

Next weeks posts

  1. Interview Series- Interview with Tasha from The Minimalist Montessorian
  2. Food- I have had a few specific questions lately regarding plant-based food, so I may share some more lunches as well as some breakfast and dinner photos I take during the week.

I hope you all had a lovely weekend

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