Interview Series: Interview with Tasha from The Minimalist Montessorian

I started a Montessori and Simple Family living series of Interviews with the hopes, as Readers, you may gain some information, encouragement, support and inspiration and just maybe, a way to connect with other like-minded families.  

I have been following Tasha’s journey over on her Blog The Minimalist Montessorian and on Instagram for quite a while now and was so grateful that she wanted to be a part of this Interview Series. I am sure you will enjoy reading her answers as much as I did.

Q1. Dear Tasha, would you like to share with us a bit about yourself and your family?

My name is Tasha. As my short bio states, I’m an inspired Montessorian and aspiring Minimalist! I’m also the founder and directress at Meridian Learning, a resource and advocacy organization for grassroots microschools. I live in the Midwest region of the US with my husband, two children and senior dog. This year has been full of change including the addition of our dog in November and our son in December.

MMontesorian Image 2

Q2. You have a blog called ‘The Minimalist Montessorian’ could you tell us a bit about it and why you started blogging?

I started the blog to document my family’s journey to live a simpler, more meaningful life. I also felt it would help keep me accountable as we attempted to make some big changes, a little at a time. Some of the changes have happened more quickly than we wished, and the blog has unintentionally served as a way for me to process those changes.

MMontessorian image 1

Q3. How is your parenting influenced by Montessori (or other methods/philosophies) and what have you found to be the most challenging part? Do you have any tips for others?

Montessori has influenced all aspects of my life. More than anything, I’ve learned the value of observation and in following the child. When in doubt, I return to that mantra “follow the child” because when we remove all the other “stuff,” the child most certainly shows the way. For me, the most challenging part of parenting has been letting go- of expectations, of perfectionism and of things- and asking for help. Most of us are parenting without an extended support network, and I believe it’s so much more challenging than it was meant to be. Part of the work I do is intended to help build the village, or rebuild it, as Mother Nature intended.

MMontessorian Image 3

Q4. What inspires you? Do you have any goals for this year or the next that you would like to share with us?

Currently I’m inspired by simplicity, and by cultures and people who mindfully, slowly but surely, make positive change. I know this seems sort of broad, and it is, but I see the pendulum swinging, and it makes me happy. My parents were minimalists before it was cool so I guess if I was asked to name people who inspire me on a regular basis, I would most definitely include them. My goal for the next year is to continue to clear the clutter, both mental and physical! I typically don’t do minimalist challenges because I find they don’t really align with my “slow and steady” philosophy, but I do have some short-term projects on my to-do list. Those include preparing our home environment for my son as he reaches new milestones and preparing our new infant and toddler environment in Cincinnatti. I’m also trying to make time for a brief meditation each day!

MMontessorian Image 4

Q5. Are there any books of resources you would like to recommend, Montessori or other?

For those new to Montessori, I always recommend The Science Behind the Genius. I’m currently reading The Wonder Weeks, and it’s been a wonderful reminder that these early weeks and months are both important and fleeting. Even as a second-time mom and having worked with many children and families, I forget that the difficult times don’t last forever.

You can find more of Tasha on her Blog The Minimalist Montessorian and over on Instagram and Facebook.

Thank you Tasha!

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