Over the weekend- and a look at next weeks posts

Yesterday we didn’t do too much in the morning, but my children managed to have a bit of a lye in and in the afternoon we caught up with friends for a Birthday party which was lovely. By the time we got home it was quite late and both of my children were exhausted (partly due to the heat) so it was an early dinner, stories and time for bed.

Today we went out briefly in the morning to a cafe for drinks and my children had a play with some other children, and the rest of the day I caught up with some washing and I did a little bit of food prep for school lunches for the week.


bike riding at 4 years
My youngest riding on his bike. It’s a tad bit big for him at this stage but he still manages really well on it.

Next weeks posts;

  1. My cleaning rhythm and how our children help around the house
  2. Children’s plant-based thermos food ideas- how we use a thermos in the warmer months over (Summer/Spring) for school and when out and about.

I hope you have all had a lovely weekend and enjoy the week ahead.




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