A cleaning rhythm and how we all work together as a family

Living in a rental townhouse, we have house inspections every three months. This is great motivation to keep our house orderly and tidy. We do receive a general report at the end of the inspection, which I use as a guide to keep on top of things.

I have found that having a general cleaning rhythm works really well for us. I use it as a guide but still maintaining flexibility. I have our cleaning rhythm written up and is visible for the whole family to see. My children and I also worked on a Montessori style ‘Practical Life’ list that we have put on our fridge of work that my children can contribute to in the family home such as washing the dishes, feeding the fish, watering the plants etc. So, overall my children have a written up guide of ‘Care of Self‘ (brush teeth and hair) etc and ‘Practical Life‘ work displayed for them to see.

Having a prepared environment helps my children to be involved in meaningful work. For example, a step to reach the kitchen sink so they can wash up their dishes, a cleaning station so they can access cleaning cloths, a mop or broom for tidying up or cleaning up spills without having to ask for assistance, although I am always there to help if needs be.

My general cleaning ingredients kit is made up of the following;

  • Vinegar- stored in this glass spray bottle.
  • Bicarb (baking soda)- stored in a stainless steel shaker
  • Natural soap bar
  • Essential oils (Eucalyptus, Tea tree, Lemon, Peppermint and Lavender)

Simple Living- minimum waste cleaning.jpg

My children’s cleaning station;

Cleaning cloths are stored in a small basket in a cupboard opposite this space. This is set up in our laundry area downstairs. There is also a small sized wooden clothes hanging rack and some wooden pegs near by.

Our Cleaning Rhythm is broken down into Daily, Weekly and Monthly tasks;

Daily- everyday tasks

  • Bedrooms- Make beds
  • Kitchen- Wash dishes and wipe over kitchen benches
  • Bathroom- wipe over bathroom vanities
  • Lounge/dining area- sweep downstairs floors and wipe over dining table
  • Trash- sort through the compost, recycle and rubbish items
  • Tidy (re-set spaces before bed)

Weekly- Monday through to Sunday

  1. Monday- Bedrooms and lounge dining area
  2. Tuesday- Laundry
  3. Wednesday-Kitchen
  4. Thursday- Bathrooms
  5. Friday- Laundry and floors (vacuum and mop)
  6. Saturday- Rest
  7. Sunday- Food-go over shopping list and food prep etc

Monthly (deep clean)

  • Windows
  • Blinds
  • Oven/fridge etc
  • Wet dust including ceiling fans
  • Walls and skirting boards

Further Reading:

Do you have a cleaning rhythm? I would love to know if it has worked for you.

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