Plant-based thermos ideas- for the warmer months

Today I thought I would share some photos of how my daughter (almost 6) and I used our thermos flasks this week. Living in Australia, the weather is still warm, so the type of food we have been putting in our flasks lately has been pre-chilled before eating. Today, however, being the first day of Autumn, I will need to look at some ‘hot food’ thermos ideas for when the weather starts to cool down and then I will share those Ideas with you.

Plant based thermos food-overnight oats
Over night oats or fresh porridge the day of. I added sliced banana and organic sultanas.
plant-based thermos food- muesli, fruit and coconut yoghurt
Home-made toasted muesli or granola with fresh fruit and coconut yoghurt. This is a no-nut muesli so my children can take it to school. If eaten at home, I add nuts.
plant-based thermos food- fruit salad
Fruit salad- whatever fruit we have on hand at the time.
plant-based thermos food- mixed salads
A simple salad. Same as the fruit salad, I will just put anything we have in the fridge into the thermos. Sometimes I will add nuts, seeds or a dressing.
basic plant-based salad
This is one of the salads I made up, ate part of it at home and then took the left-overs with me in the thermos to do afternoon school pick up.

A few tips;

  • Ensure that your children can use the particular thermos you have with ease. Some of them are not easy to open and close and if not closed properly could leak everywhere.
  • Our thermos is insulated and has a wide mouth, so much easier to fit a spoon or fork into it and easier to clean.
  • Get the right size. You can get these lovely almost toddler-sized thermos flasks for younger children which are around the 350 ml size. Our flask holds closer to 500 ml and is made of stainless steel. I chose this size, so it can hold more (can be shared) and would be great to take on picnics or just when out and about not just for school snacks/lunches. Our thermos can be used for hot and cold foods.
  • We chills ours in the fridge in the warmer/hotter months before use and in the colder months i will heat ours up by pouring hot water in it first, allow it to sit for approx 5-7 minutes and then pour out the hot water.
  • I always include a spork (spoon-fork) and a cloth napkin when it is being used at school.

Edited May 3rd 2018- you can see more food pics over on my new Plant Based with Kids Instagram account.

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