Weekend Reading and a look at next weeks posts

This past week, my youngest turned four and we got to have a lovely Montessori celebration inside his classroom with his classmates and classroom Directors, sharing photos, stories and singing songs together- ‘The Earth goes around the Sun, the Sun, The Earth goes around the Sun. 12 months, 52 weeks and 365 days’. Afterwards we shared a fruit platter that I had made up in advance, outdoors on a picnic rug. Such a special time.

For my youngest’s Birthday, he chose how we spent the day and what food we ate. For presents, he received a bike, some clothes and a puzzle. We are not quite at the ‘no presents from family stage’. I would like to explore the idea of a gift of an experience instead down the track.

In other news, I believe my daughter will be visiting her new Montessori Cycle 2 classroom next week for the first time. She is very excited to start the transition process.

Today, we are all just relaxing at home and doing whatever it is we feel like doing for the day. Tomorrow we have a children’s Birthday party we will be attending and also catching up with family later in the afternoon.

Weekend Reading;

Minimum waste coffee
We were given a coffee machine that used disposable coffee pods years ago. Luckily this particular coffee machine is compatible with these stainless steel re-usable coffee pods which has saved us money and lots of unnecessary waste. There is obviously a much simpler way of drinking coffee, or just not drinking it at all, but for now this is our chosen method.

Next Weeks Posts;

  1. Notes from a Montessori Parenting Information event I will (hopefully be able to attend). If not, then I will have an alternative post up instead.
  2. My attempt at a simplified, low waste and Vegan/Gluten free children’s party.

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