Notes from a Montessori information talk- (Intro to Montessori)

I attended a Montessori explained talk recently which I really enjoyed. Even though I have been to Montessori talks before, have read many books on this topic, have done a tone of research, did some study (for the 3-6 years) and have two children in this schooling system, there is always something new to learn.

Having two children in Children’s House (3-6 years) and one of them transitioning to Cycle Two (6-9 years), I felt like I needed to go over some of the basics and hope to gain some more insight into the second plane of development and how as a parent I can be better prepared to help support both of my children during their developmental stages.

After an initial meet and greet, the main areas that were covered was;

  • A brief History on Maria Montessori and what her educational method (education of the whole child) is all about. Here is a link to a Biography of Dr Maria Montessori.
  • Covered some basic Montessori terminology- absorbent mind, sensitive periods, control of error, grace and courtesy, human tendencies, cycle of activity, prepared environment for example. AMI Glossary of Montessori terms and their meanings.
  • The Four planes of Development and each one described in detail.
  • Difference between traditional schools and Montessori schools. We watched a YouTube video (see link below) which explains this in more detail.


the Montessori 4 planes of development
Image from taken from- A Blog for my mom

Planes of Development;

  • 0-6 Early Childhood- Construction of the Physical Person- (The Absorbent Mind)
  • 6-12- Childhood- Construction of the Intelligence
  • 12-18- Adolescence- Construction of Social Self
  • 18-24- Adulthood- Construction of Self Understanding

    Montessori Sensitive periods
    The main sensitive periods that were covered were (Movement, Language, Senses and Order)


I received the book Montessori Madness by Trevor Eissler to take home and read through and we also watched a really interesting YouTube video by the same author- Montessori Madness which is worthwhile taking a look at. This was the first time I have heard of this book. My first Montessori books I read were;

  1. Montessori From the Start- by Paula Polk Lillard and Lynn Lillard Jessen (covers Birth to age three)
  2. The Joyful Child- by Susan Mayclin Stephenson (covers birth to age three)
  3. Child of the World- by Susan Mayclin Stephenson (covers 3-12 years)
Montessori Madness
A Parent to Parent argument for Montessori Education

Book Contents;

  1. Watching Our Kids Grow
  2. Should We Homeschool
  3. The Factory Model of Education
  4. An Unexpected Option
  5. A Home. A School.
  6. Why I Am Convinced by the Method
  7. The Sensitive Periods
  8. The Absorbent Mind
  9. The Prepared Environment
  10. Rewards
  11. Competition
  12. Punishments
  13. Concentration
  14. Discipline
  15. Responsibility
  16. Freedom
  17. A Comfort with Error
  18. The Fear of Error
  19. Controlling Error in Real-time
  20. The Guide
  21. The Community
  22. A Walk with Montessori

Some things to ponder on;

  • Get to know your child (observe)– resilience, strengths, challenges, independence, learning style, interactions with others, friendships, interests etc
  • Be a good role model (watch what you say and do in front of your children)
  • Familiarise yourself with the 4 planes of development and if you have a child under six years of age look at sensitive periods, the absorbent mind and the prepared environment including the importance of sense of order at home.
  • Look at ways to help support independence in all areas of the home.

Do you have a favourite Montessori book? Can you recommend a book that covers the Second Plane of development?

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