Plant Based, Gluten Free and Low Waste (kids) Birthday Party

This past week we had an ‘afternoon tea and play’ combined Birthday party for both of my children after school with a small group of friends. We opted for no presents, no party bags (which we never do anyways), no Birthday cake or candles etc to keep it ‘no fuss’ which is exactly what both of my children wanted. We do the whole cake and candles plus sing Happy Birthday on their actual birth date, but just with our family. Decoration wise was just some little flowers in small glass jars that my daughter arranged and a hessian table cloth.

plant based party 3The party food was all plant-based and gluten free. Prior to the party, I had a chat with my children and we made a list of the food they would like.

Our list;

  • Raw vegetable platter with hummus dip
  • Fruit platter with a coconut yoghurt and chia seed jam dip
  • A bowl of sultanas (my youngest’s favourite)
  • Popcorn, vegetable chips and corn chips
  • Dried fava (broad) beans.
  • Biscuits (quinoa and rice biscuits)

There was more than enough food for everyone, possibly even a tad bit too much. The two things that the children were not overly fussed on was the coconut youghurt dip and the sliced fruit (lemon, lime and cucumber) that I put in the water we provided. Next time we will just provide plain water and won’t bother with a dip for the fruit.

To keep it low-waste we used re-usable plates and cups (yes plastic), our glass water jug, a compost bin and a container to take home the dirty plates and cups. The only waste we produced was some packaging mostly from the vegetable chips/corn chips which I believe can be recycled. The plan was to make some date and coconut and apricot and coconut balls plus some mini muffins instead but I ran out of time and made that compromise. If I had been able to do this, there would have been even less waste. Oh well. Overall the set up and clean up was quick and easy.

plant based party 1plant based party 2plant based party 4At my children’s request we brought along some play trucks and coloured play scarves. It was such a lovely afternoon and weather wise, it was lovely and cool. Luckily for us the rain held out as it looked like it was going to rain that afternoon.

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