Over the weekend- links and things

Hello all,

Sorry to not be on top of posting this past week. Aside from both of my children getting a cold and then one picking up some kind of stomach bug, I also, last Thursday night, managed to clumsily fall down our stairs (the last four stairs) and roll my foot. By the way, I was walking down those stairs in the dark and holding my laptop.  It’s much better now, but because I was unable to rest it properly on Friday, it ended up swelling up quite a bit and was rather painful to walk on. Luckily I didn’t damage it anymore. I am hoping maybe all my barefoot movement/exercising I have been doing possibly helped prevent anything worse from happening. Who knows.

Weekend Reading;

This weeks posts;

  • Our rotated book shelf/basket and what books my children are the most interested in at the moment.
  • I will also share a photo and some information about my children’s craft/sewing shelf as I am working on changing it up a bit this week to make it more accessible to both of my children to use.
My 4 year old practicing number writing on a chalk board.jpg
Self-directed work- my 4 year old practising number writing. Some of the numbers 3-10 were written by me. He used the sandpaper numbers as a guide when writing the rest.

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