Our ‘gathering’ craft and sewing shelf

A few days ago I updated our Montessori-inspired sewing/craft shelf for both of my children now aged 4 and 6 years to use. In the past we have had all the items they needed on either a tray or in a basket, but after reading Sewing in a Montessori Classroom and now that my children are a little older, I wanted to create more of a space for them to ‘gather’ what they need, put those items onto a tray and then carry that tray to where ever they would like to work-  inside on the floor, at a table or outside.

Children's gathering sewing and craft shelf
Other sewing items one could add- quick unpick, measuring tape, pins, crochet fork etc

Children's sewing spacechildren's sewing shelf

After setting up this shelf, I noticed both of my children wanting to do some craft/sewing work at the same time and I felt like I needed to adjust it a bit, so since taking these photos, I have added an extra empty tray (these trays are just the ones that other materials came in), an extra pair of scissors plus a pair of pinking shears and some rubber bands as requested by my eldest.

When my children were younger, we started with the following;

  • Embroidery thread and large eye needles. You can get sharp or blunt tipped stainless steel needles. I would thread the needle and tie the knot.
  • Material- hessian/burlap (first sewing)- then onto using cotton or linen for sewing
  • Embroidery hoop helps hold the material but is not necessary
  • Lucet- knitting fork with thick wool- see my previous posts here and here. A vegan option to using wool is acrylic wool which we have at home.

Previous post on beginner/early sewing;

  1. Early sewing on material scraps
  2. Sewing at 4.5 years of age
  3. Hand sewing at 4 years (using an embroidery hoop)

Edited 9th April

See my post here on the changes we have made to this space

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