My daughter’s Montessori School Cycle 2 transition

For the last couple of weeks my daughter has been visiting her new classroom. The transition period goes for approx three weeks and is at the child’s pace. After the upcoming school holidays my daughter will officially have left Children’s House and have started in Cycle Two (Lower Primary) which is a mixed aged classroom for 6-9 year old children. I was lucky enough to do a one hour observation in this very classroom not that long ago, so I have already met her new classroom Directors (there is two of them) and got the chance to look around.

classroom environment.jpg
A new space to hang hats and bags.

Before the transition started we had an Interview with the school’s Principle to discuss some basics and is the time to ask questions or voice any concerns. How the transition worked for my daughter’s particular class (I know it varies slightly in each classroom), we would do drop off and picks up at her regular classroom (Children’s House) and her classroom Director would walk the children who are transitioning to their new classroom to spend some time in it. So far, she has visited almost everyday, starting out with a couple of hours and then staying for the whole day. A full day includes staying for lunch and playtime and participating in activities such as sports and music class.

In my daughter’s classroom they have been using a buddy-type system where she has been paired up with an older child in her class who has been helping her to become familiar with her new classroom environment. Overall it has gone very well and my daughter absolutely loves her new classroom and is so excited to officially start next term (in a few weeks time). She is so ready for this change.

Now that she has officially finished her three week transition period, she will spend her very last week of school term in Children’s House and then her time in that environment will be over. A bit sad (for me), but exciting at the same time.

I have been reading the following two books which cover the Second Plane of Development (for 6-12 years);

  1. Montessori Madness by Trevor Eissler
  2. Montessori Today by Paula Polk Lillard

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