Our monthly rhythm- visiting the library

Last weekend, my husband and I went with our children to our local library so my daughter could get her very own library card and we could borrow some books. We haven’t been to the library for a while and it’s something that we had thought about doing when we moved house at the beginning of last year, but just never got around to doing it.

As much as I would love to personally own so many beautiful children’s books and have them on display, I would rather my children see that we don’t need to always buy books, we can borrow them and it doesn’t cost any money to do so. It’s also nice, to let my children choose their own books rather than me choosing for them. At my children’s school they also have the opportunity to borrow books from the school’s library for their classroom. They just love doing this.

children's library bag and books.jpg
Freedom of choice- these are the books my children chose. We took this large cloth bag we were gifted which easily fit all of these books in it. It’s a locally-sustainably sewn Boomerang Bag.

Why visit a library;

  • Value of reading– we value reading in our home. We all read before bed every night as part of our daily rhythm. My children are always seeing me read and write at home. Visiting a library encourages reading and maybe for those children who are less interested in books and reading, may just spark an interest.
  • Access to a wide range of books– libraries offer all sorts of interesting book topics for reading or research. Did you know you can also borrow Beginner Readers and Junior readers as well as magazines and DVD’s?
  • Responsibility– having your own library card, borrowing books, looking after them and then returning them is a great lesson to learn. I also love how books are displayed in a particular order, so my children understand that when we take a book out to look at, if we are not borrowing it, we need to put it back in it’s correct place.
  • Library time is an active not passive form of entertainment. A great way to get out and about as a family and also a great way to bond with your children by reading together. We spent some time just sitting on a chair in the children’s section last weekend reading aloud together.
  • Family friendly– the libraries we have visited all have a lovely section designated for children, often with child-sized chairs and rugs to sit and read. When my children were younger we attended the libraries ‘rhyme time’ and when they were a little older ‘story time’ which was completely free. Many libraries offer free children’s and adult’s workshops and activities.
  • Sharing economy– why buy when you can borrow. Saves money and supports the community.
children's basket to hold library books.jpg
A special basket for storing Library books.

Hopefully you have a local library in your area you can utilise. Where we use to live there was no local library, however we had access to a mobile library which had books, magazines and DVDs you could borrow. Another option if you don’t have access to these services is a ‘book swap’. I have done this with toys, but you can see if there has been one organised for your area or maybe consider starting one? Maybe you could simply ask friends or family to swap books or if they know of anyone who wants to do so.

siblings reading together.jpg
Siblings reading together. My six year old is reading to her younger brother.

Edited July 2nd 2018.

Hand made library bags.jpg
We were given another hand-made bag (the one on the right) from a family member recently, so my children now both have their own library bags. They are both independent for the most part in choosing their own books, scanning them though the machine the library and carrying them to the car to take home. They are also independent in carrying their chosen books when they are due back to the library and placing them in the designated drop back shelf.


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