A DIY personal word spelling dictionary at 6 years

My six-year-old has always been interested in reading and writing but more recently her focus has been on wanting to understand the meaning behind words. She wants to know how to read, say, spell and be able to describe the words meaning. I can see she is trying to understand and interpret what is being read. I can see a shift not just from learning to read but also reading to learn (research).

language work at 6 years- personal dictionaryIn these photos, my six-year-old has written an excerpt from a Nature Encyclopedia we have on our book shelf, has then highlighted words she doesn’t know and then written them in her home-made word dictionary/spelling book. She also does this with chapter books she reads.

personal word dictionary at 6 years
Her book is organised into alphabetical order. She has just used one of my lined note books. 
Nature Encyclopedia excerpt..jpg
This is another excerpt my daughter wrote out from her Nature Encyclopedia- this is something she does often. Can you see that she has made a note of the words she doesn’t know by drawing a box around them? There has been no need for me to be involved at all in this process as she knows exactly what to do. This is her work.
Junior Dictionary for at home.jpg
We have at home on my children’s book shelf though,  a second-hand Junior Dictionary to look up the meaning of words. This book is targeted to older children but we have still found it useful.

There is lots of options to print off an online children’s personal word dictionary or to use an old address book which is already organised into alphabetical order. She is so independent at this age and stage and really wants to try and do basically everything on her own as much as possible. It will be interesting to observe where this language work takes her.

I will have another post up Sunday night sharing some photos of our quiet Easter Weekend. Both of my children haven’t been particularly well the past two days, so it will be mostly a restful weekend. We were meant to have been catching up with the cousins tomorrow (who are also now apparently feeling unwell), but have decided to stay home, rest and recover. I have an idea to still bring a little bit of joy into the house tomorrow.

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