Weekend Reading- some links and our Easter Weekend.

After a couple of days with both of my children feeling a little unwell, we opted for Easter Sunday, just with our little family. Today was the first Easter we have given presents (bike helmets) and organised an Easter egg hunt. Normally we catch up with our extended family on Easter Sunday and they are the ones that would normally organise the egg hunt. Also our children often receive chocolate gifts from others around Easter time, so we haven’t needed to give our children any chocolate at this time. We usually just focus on family time.

After my children went to bed last night, my husband and I went downstairs and decorated the table, laid out the clues and hid the eggs. We used these re-usable plastic ones which we filled with our own treats (not chocolate). We had so much fun setting this all up.

Easter Egg hunt
Being sneaky and setting up the egg hunt the night before.
Easter presents and table decoration
We haven’t given gifts for Easter in the past, but my husband organised helmets for my children as they both got bikes for their Birthdays (we forgot the helmets) and have started bike riding on the weekends. The little face-cloth bunnies was a gift from a family friend. Yes it’s very typical boy-blue, girl-pink. Not the way it was intended- just the way it worked out. My kids won’t mind though as they both love ALL colours.

Easter egg hunt- follow me clues

Easter egg hunt- searching for eggs
Following the clues. Some clues were made a bit easier for my youngest to follow.

Easter egg hunt- cluesEaster Egg hunt garden cluesEaster egg garden hunt

Re-usable re-fillable Easter eggs filled with DIY snacks
Re-usable eggs. We filled them with home made treats (they had four eggs to find each).

Both of my children just loved the egg hunt that they spent the next hour or so setting up multiple egg hunts for each other to find.

Weekend Reading– still as always exploring how to live more Simply as a family.

Next weeks posts– we are on school holidays now so I will just post about whatever we get up to over the next two weeks. We don’t have much planned as I want to leave it open to rest and play. We will likely end up spending lots of time bike riding and swimming.

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