In the Kitchen- Children’s Knives Update

I spent some time this past week with my daughter, cleaning out and re-organising our Kitchen spaces and thought I would share the knives that my children are currently using for food prep in the kitchen.

Children's knives at 6 years of age.jpg

  1. Crinkle cutter knife. This is still my children’s favourite kind of knife as it’s easy to use and a lot of fun. This is the main knife that my four year old uses comfortably. It’s also the same knife that he loves to use when playing with playdough. At this point, he has no interest in using any other kind of knife and that is absolutely fine with me.
  2. Serrated knife- Victorinox brand.
  3. Paring knife with safety cover. Both the serrated and paring knives are very sharp and I wouldn’t recommend as first knives.

These are just the knives (aside from the crinkle cutter knife) that we have always had in our kitchen for use. I am sure there are plenty of other possibly more suitable knives for children with added safety features on the market, which you could explore if you wanted to. I didn’t feel the need to use anything other than what we already had.

My six year old comfortably uses all three knives. When she is helping with food prep such as cutting up vegetables or fruit, she will often pull out all three knives and go between them depending on what she is cutting. I do the same thing when I am in the kitchen, always going between a serrated and none serrated knife. It’s so wonderful working side-by-side in the kitchen with my children. They are using real tools and are able to contribute in such a meaningful way.

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