A slight change to our children’s art and sewing spaces at (4 and 6 years)

I find if a space in our home, especially our children’s play or work spaces is just not working for whatever reason,  just making the slightest change can make all the difference.

Our Sewing space;

Recently I shared the sewing space I set up for my children to use and it worked really well for a couple of weeks and then I noticed my daughter kept on going over to my sewing desk to work and using what sewing items I had in the draws rather than what I had set up for her. I realised, she didn’t need or want a separate space to me- she wanted to work with me and have the same set up that I use. So, I cleaned out a couple of the drawers and put hers and her brothers sewing things in them and it’s made all the difference.

shared sewing space for children
I don’t own a sewing machine- this one is borrowed from my mum as she isn’t using it. This largish desk and drawers is built in (we are renting) and it runs across the wall. On the far left side my daughter has her ‘music space’- with her keyboard set up and then on the right is the sewing space which has lots of desk space and two large chairs for use.
children's sewing drawers
Top drawer has most of my items in it whereas this middle drawer has my children’s sewing bits n pieces.
childrens sewing project drawer
Bottom drawer is for sewing projects and where we are currently keeping material scraps.

From experience, I feel our children’s spaces are always evolving. I don’t always get it right the first time, so a little observation and time to see if it works really helps.

Our Art space;

My children asked to move the tables around yesterday and at the same time, I cleaned out their art trolley which now holds practically all of their art supplies except some bottles of paint and their paper tray. We don’t have anything stored anywhere else anymore which has now freed up the shelf that had the excess art supplies to be use for storing puzzles. We have a basket to store all the things they want to keep and they have access to paper and scraps bits n pieces in the drawer attached to our coffee table opposite this space.

childrens art nook
The tables have been rotated so they are not facing the wall which has created a little art nook space.
childrens art trolley
Bottom shelf- painting items, middle shelf- stencils, stamps and paper tape, top shelf- assortment of stamps including alphabet stamps. Hidden under the white table is a tray with playdough and accessories on it.

5 thoughts on “A slight change to our children’s art and sewing spaces at (4 and 6 years)

  1. Sometimes making a small change makes the most impact. I tidied our cupboard under the stairs and gathered all our art supplies that had been badly organised in a difficult space to get to – my youngest loves doing art and it’s made it so much easier to get to everything and my cupboard looks pretty now 😊

    1. Oh that’s a great idea- organised and accessible. It’s so nice to be able to see what you have on hand at all times. I have been using (or trying to) apply the same idea to all other areas of our home as well.

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