Our updated Mindfulness ‘Peace Corner’ for yoga, meditation and our new children’s affirmation cards

Following on from my recent post of some of our updated spaces including our art and sewing areas, we worked on our ‘Peace Corner this morning’. It’s not the most attractive set up, but it’s practical. We spend so much time at home down stairs, which is our main living area, so it made sense to create this nook here.

I needed to find a spot where the items are accessible, not hidden away but also not in an area that is in the way. This little nook is next to my downstairs desk and there is plenty of open space surrounding it to move about, especially when doing yoga. We have a large rug that I bring out in the colder months (it is now Autumn in Australia) so this will also provide some extra comfort from the cold tiles.

This is mainly a storage space as I wanted to keep all of these ‘like items’ together. Any of these materials can easily be moved to a more suitable, quieter space at any time, such as outside. We have a lovely outdoor floor mat which is really comfortable and the perfect spot for a bit of meditation.
All of these items- except for our new affirmation cards where introduced slowly over time. My six year old is capable of doing all of these on her own, whereas my 4 year old needs a bit more guidance- so we work together. We do often all do yoga together.


I have been on the look out for children’s affirmation cards for a while now and finally came across these beautiful Nurture Cards created by Roxanne, a mother of two. We received our set at the beginning of this week and my six year old took to them straight away. I think they are going to get lots of use. I wish I had been introduced to cards like this when I was of preschool/early school age.

children nurture cards- mindfulness

childrens affirmation cards
This set contains 40 beautifully illustrated cards.

mindfulness- childrens affirmation cards

Do you have a nook space similar to this in your home, whether it be a quieter corner with books for reading or for listening to music maybe with headphones? I would love to hear any suggestions if you have some.

Roxanne from Nurture Cards has a webpage and Blog if you would like to read more about these cards. She is also on Instagram which is how I initially heard about these cards.

4 thoughts on “Our updated Mindfulness ‘Peace Corner’ for yoga, meditation and our new children’s affirmation cards

  1. I like the look of the Abc yoga cards my youngest keeps balancing on one leg and stretching (she’s actually quite good) and eldest has very little balance but think these would help to focus them both (and get me started with yoga again)!

    1. We have had these cards for years. We use them every morning (usually choose 10) and do a little wake up in the morning yoga stretches to start our day. We also, often do some in the evening after baths/showers.

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