Making Montessori classroom materials- sewing work

This week I spent a couple of hours making up some more Montessori classroom (Children’s House) materials. This time I was given a few rolls of material that another parent had donated to cut up into squares for the 3-6 year old children to practice their sewing on. Sometimes the work is button sewing and other times, free sewing usually with embroidery thread and a large eye stainless steel needle.

Montessori sewing material
Materials needed- scrap material, ruler, scissors and a marker (I used dressmakers chalk).

Firstly I ironed all the material as most of it was scrunched up which would have made cutting more difficult. After ironing I then turned the material over (pattern side down) and used a dressmakers marker (chalk) to mark where I needed to cut. These squares needed to be cut 14cm x 14cm. I was able to do this with most of the material, but made some small squares with the leftover scraps.

Making Montessori classroom sewing work


Montessori classroom sewing work

I will have another lot to make up towards the end of this week, but thought I would share what I have done so far.

May 14th 2018- making up more sewing squares from donated material.

DIY Montessori sewing work

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