A few things and a look at next weeks posts

Hi there,

I hope you have all had a lovely week. In my spare time this week, I made up several lots of Montessori classroom materials, started a plant-based Instagram account mostly for interests sake and a bit of fun. I also spent some time working on and e-book that I started a while back which also focuses on plant-based food.

My eldest has spent the last couple of weeks determined to learn to ride a bike and she did it!

Over the weekend: Today we will spend the morning at home but venture out to catch up with the Grandparents in the afternoon followed by some time at the beach nearby most likely staying to have dinner (probably hot chips). On Sunday we are doing a early morning family Birthday catch up and then will spend the rest of the day at home or maybe go for a bike ride or play soccer depending on what everyone feels like doing.

Next weeks posts:

  1. My attempt at a Plant Based Birthday morning tea (High Tea style).
  2. Ideas for 4 years of age
  3. Ideas for 6 years of age

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