Plant Based tea party

This morning I organised a plant-based Birthday tea party for family (4 adults, 2 kids). I managed to forget to bring a few food items and didn’t end up making salad sandwiches which was the plan, but there ended up being more than enough food.

plant based Vegan high tea.jpg


In the bowls– corn chips and oven baked mixed root vegetable chips, brown rice and seaweed biscuits with a caramelised onion-hummus dip, toasted fav-va beans and sultanas.

On the tiered plate– home-made banana and berry muffins, cherry tomatoes, carrots, cucumber and celery, watermelon and grapes.

I also made up a guacamole dip and put out some dark chocolate pieces for a treat. There was meant to be salad sandwiches, but in the end my mum made up some grain toast squares with jam and some with vegan butter for the kids. Not my first choice and not the healthiest. Ah well.

Tea– rooibos tea and black tea. Tea cups are on the bottom shelf of the table.

Next time I will be a bit better organised and aim to focus more on ‘whole foods’ to make it healthier.

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