Some suggested jobs children can help with around the home (3-6 years)

This morning I was given a handout at my children’s school on supporting Independence for the 3-6 years age group and thought I would share it with you. There was no link on this handout to say who wrote it. You may remember that I also posted ‘What your young child can do at home‘ a while ago which was written by Aubrey Hargis. It’s worthwhile re-reading it as these two go hand in hand.

“If you wish your child to help with these following jobs around the home please think about what your child will need to do the activity, provide the child sized materials and think about how to display it in your home so your child will understand the order and process to do the activity. The best way to achieve this is to do the activity with the needed materials yourself (this is something we do in the classroom), then place the required tools in order of use on a child sized shelf or tray.”

  • Put dirty clothes directly into laundry
  • Help sort dirty clothes into darks, colours and white piles
  • Put salt and pepper on table
  • Help dust
  • Help feed the pet
  • Pick up toys
  • Make bed, remember it can be perfectly imperfect
  • Tidy bedroom
  • Tidy toyroom
  • Get the mail
  • Help wash the car
  • Help fold tea towels
  • Unpack dishwasher/wash the dishes
  • Help put away groceries
  • Help fold washing
  • Dusting
  • Set the table
  • Water plants
  • Clean inside of car
  • Sweep
  • Pack lunchboxes into school bag
  • Peg washing on the line/take washing off the line
  • Fold washing/put away their own washing
  • Put rubbish in the outside bin
  • Help with cooking dinner
  • Pull weeds from garden
  • Clean mirrors/tables/floors



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