Our Mother’s Day for 2018 and a few things

Hi everyone, so sorry for the absence, I have been busier that usual over the past two weeks. Much of my spare time aside from the usual, has been helping out at my children’s school in the classroom and bringing things home to work on. I am still working on the last lot of material cutting to make up some sewing squares for my son’s classroom and I only just finished the last lot of books I covered for the school’s library which was fun but time consuming. I also have a few projects coming up that I am busy working on, but things should slow down again soon and then I will be able to get back to posting a bit more frequently.

I will have a post up this week on Montessori classroom Readers for the 6-9 year age group as my eldest has been bringing some home to read. I will also finish writing up that post on ideas for around six years of age that I meant to have posted last week.

DIY Montessori sewing work
DIY sewing squares for a Montessori Children’s House classroom (14cm x 14cm).

We celebrated Mother’s Day over the weekend. On the Saturday we spent most of the day at my mum’s house and similar to the morning tea I organised recently, I set up some plates of food for everyone to share which included fruit and raw vegetables, dips, home-made oat slice and lemon and banana muffins. On the Sunday we spent the morning at my husband’s mothers place and we made up croissants (avocado, tomato, red onion and parsley) and coffee/tea for everyone. The afternoon we spent together at home with our little family of four.

Mothers day flowers

If Mother’s Day was a particularly painful day for you, please know that you were in my thoughts.

Mothers day quote.jpg


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