Some (Montessori) Classroom Readers

Hi there,

I hope everyone has had a lovely week so far. For those of you who may be interested, I thought I would share some of the Readers that they use in my children’s classrooms. In my 4.5 year old’s classroom they use Set 1 and Set 2 of Miss Rhonda’s Readers and some Sunshine Books Early Readers (Level 1-4). As mentioned in previous Blog posts, I help out as ‘Reading Support’ in a Montessori Children’s House (3-6 years) classroom.

Miss Rhondas Readers Set 1
Set 1 of Miss Rhonda’s Readers.

At home we have the BOB Books (Set 1 Beginning Readers, Set 2 Advancing Beginners and Set 3 Word Families). My eldest used these books and my youngest is now using them. He is currently working on Set 2. Not all children love to use these kinds of books but my two children sure have.

BOB Books. These are not used in my children’s Montessori classroom.

Now that my daughter has turned 6 years of age and has started in Lower Primary at her Montessori School, she has started to bring home some Readers. Depending on what level she is up to (the baskets in her classroom are colour coded), she can choose any book/s from that basket. So far she has brought home about two lots of books (4 books each time) and they are the following series of books;

  1. Sunshine Books
  2. Springboard guided reading books
  3. Scholastic leveled readers
  4. Blake Education (GO Facts)
Classroom readers 6-9 years
Springboard Books- Saving Tigers by Cushla Brown
Science classroom readers 6-9 years
The Pond. This book was a little more challenging with lots of new and harder to pronounce words.

If I come across any other series of books in her classroom I will update this post. I have a feeling that there is another series of books that I have forgotten to mention. All of the books my daughter has brought home so far have been Non-Fiction books which my daughter absolutely loves. She is very interested at this stage in Non-Fiction/reference books.

If you have time to visit a local library, I have seen a whole range of Readers for Beginner and Emergent Readers. May be worthwhile having a look. See link below.

Past posts on Readers for the 3-6 years;

  1. Readers for my 4.5 year old
  2. Volunteering in a Montessori classroom (Reading Support)
  3. June 2018 Our monthly rhythm- a visit to the library (for Readers, Seasonal books and storybooks)


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