A few things including a wedding

Hi there, I hope you all had a lovely weekend.

At the end of last week I was a Bridesmaid for a friend’s wedding. It was just such a lovely day and I am so happy that I was able to a part of it. The day began with a very early start- some arrived around 6 am (at a hotel) for hair and makeup which took a while as there was seven in total having this done. In between that, there was sometime to chat but also things to do to keep everyone comfortable such as making tea and coffee and cutting up healthy food for all to share and a few other jobs such as painting nails. Late morning a Photographer and Videographer arrived, so that’s when things got a little busy to start filming and taking photos of us. We then all needed to get dressed pretty quickly, also needing to help each other tie bows and do up zippers on our ‘fitted’ dresses and any other last minute dressing prep. We also needed to pack up all our bags and clean up the hotel room before we left.

We were picked up in a car and driven to the ceremony location which was close by. The ceremony itself was on a veranda overlooking water. So beautiful and I really loved that the ceremony was outside. I will admit that I was so nervous leading up to it, especially a few days prior too and then on the day. However I was able to calm my nerves and just focus my energy on the Bride as this was her day.

After the ceremony, there was lots of group photos taken and then photos of family.  Afterwards, we then went for a walk and took some Bridal party photos in various locations. I was the only Bridesmaid who wore flat shoes. My dress was long, so you couldn’t see the shoes I was wearing anyways. I felt a bit bad that I had’t worn fancier shoes, however I was the only one without sore feet and blisters at the end of the day. I also don’t wear heels in general, so would have had trouble walking in them. Finally was the photos of just the Bride and Groom, so the rest of the Bridal party had time to sit and relax. I grabbed a coffee whilst waiting as there was a bit of a time gap for us until the Reception started and when the Bridal party makes their entrance. I did manage to see my husband and children briefly before they headed to the Reception room. It was so nice to see them at the end of the day.

wedding flowers.jpg
Bridesmaid boquets
Bridesmaid hair
My Bridesmaid hair. Yes that’s me! The dress I was wearing was navy blue, long and covered in lace. The back of the dress had some buttons and some lace tied in a bow.

I think the hairdresser did an amazing job. I have long, thick wavy hair which can be a bit of a struggle to manage for me. She used a ‘Cloud Nine‘ hair straightener which she feels is better than a ghd to smooth out the top and then curl the lower part of my hair. The curls make it easier to twist into a bun-like shape. There was lots of heat diffuser spray, hairspray and a million hair pins to hold my hair up. It’s parted at the front and she has taken some hair from both sides and loosely pinned it to the back, so it looked a bit like I had a side fringe but stayed out of my eyes.

The Reception was lovely, again set out on a deck overlooking the water, decorated simply with lights and flowers. I was sitting at the Bridal party table most of the night, but was able to go and spend time with my husband and children in between speeches and meals. I had the Vegetarian/Vegan meal which was so nice- lots of roast vegetables, salads and breads. I just didn’t have the dessert as it contained eggs and dairy.

Both of my children did so well at the reception. Neither of them are great in big crowds especially not knowing most people there and with such loud music playing all night. My youngest did get teary at the beginning of the Reception as I wasn’t able to go over and give him a hug straight away. He understood for the most part that I needed to stay with the Bridal party for parts of the night, but understandably he just wanted me to stay with him. I had packed a few activities for my children such as little travel games, colouring in books, pencils and paper as well as a few toys that had been in rotation in case they were needed.

They both had a lovely time being their first wedding, so such a great experience for them. We left quite late (finished at 11pm) as I needed to stick around for the speeches, first dance, wedding cake cutting, throwing of the bridal bouquet etc. We were all tired at the end of the night, so just spent the next day at home catching up on sleep.

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