Our monthly rhythm- a visit to the library (for Readers, Seasonal books and story books)

Hi there,

Over the weekend we visited the library (we now go once a month) and chose some Seasonal books (Winter here in Australia), some general stories books and some Readers for both my 4.5 and 6.5 year old. We have put away our Miss Rhonda’s Readers and BOB Books for now and have chosen to try some ones from the Library at my children’s request. There was so many Readers to choose from!

Library readers at 4.5 years of ageFor my youngest, we looked for Non-fiction, simple sentence books with real to life information, stories and photographs. I was only able to get one book ‘Seasons’ that contained real photographs, but the rest of the books where still lovely stories. My youngest learnt a few new words in each book so they were a good fit. The Apple tree book seen in the above pic is one of the Sunshine Book Readers that I have mentioned in past posts as the series of Readers in my son’s Montessori classroom.

Library readers at 6 years of age

For my 6.5 year old we looked for Non-fiction, short paragraph books with real to like information, stories and photographs. After a chat to my daughter’s Montessori classroom director for Cycle 2 (Lower Primary) she mentioned keeping in mind that my daughter’s focus at this stage is more on ‘reading to learn’ as opposed to learning to read. We have large reference books at home but they can be overwhelming, so books like the ones we found above were just right for her. This was also a good reminder as we have a few simple ‘fictional’ children’s chapter books at home and I have noticed that they do not keep her attention at all whereas she loves simple non-fiction books. As my daughter is learning French at school and a bit at home, she just loved the Eiffel Tower book.

Every few weeks she also brings home some simple non-fiction Readers from school that she has chosen and this time she brought home;

  1. Fur written by Henry James (Springboard)
  2. The Sun’s Energy- Go Facts (Blake Education)
  3. Stinky Bugs by Joan Emerson (Scholastic)
Library books for faily story time.jpg
Some stories books that my children chose to borrow. All lovely books. Coming Home about Robin migration is one of the books we chose as a Seasonal ‘Winter’ story book.

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